On the Horizon for Global Passion

Spring is a time of new, of growth, of excitement, and our teams are feeling the excitement building as they prepare to serve. We have over 400 people signed up to go this summer – to Fiji, Houston, Panama, Alaska, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Mexico. As we continue to live out the call to put people on planes, send them around the world, and let God make missionaries out of them, we need you to pray. Pray for these 400 individuals, for God to stir in their hearts a desire to be missionaries, whether abroad or in their own neighborhood. Pray for their fundraising to be successful, for there to be no stress as they prepare to go and do what God has called them to.

Broadening Our Fiji Reach

A word from Steve Edwards about Fiji and the lead trip happening April 19-May 5.
I have never sweat more in my life. In April 2000, I was speaking at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Saru – Lautoka, Fiji. I had been invited to share with the Pastor the vision of Global Passion and while having lunch on Saturday he said to me, “You’re preaching at church tomorrow.” Yes sir was my immediate response. Pastor Kama became a good friend that day and asked if we’d be able to bring teams to help him reach his people. If you know me, you know my answer is always yes! Eighteen years later, we are still going strong in bringing teams of young people to this wonderful Island Nation. Last summer, after I sent the team home, I stayed an additional week to meet with church leaders about what the future may look like for us together. God birthed the idea in us to establish Global Passion Fiji; giving Fijian young people the same opportunities to go into the world and preach the gospel as we have for 17 years here in the States. With that in mind, the National Youth Director Rev. Semisi Delana invited me to speak at the National Youth Convention this April. I believe God has given me a timely message for the youth there and it’s my joy to be able to share it with them.
Matthew 9:38 tells us to “ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest field.” We will be meeting to discuss our next course of action while I am in Fiji and we covet your prayers at this critical time. We don’t want to miss God. Father let your will be done.

Prayer Requests

  • For Steve and Darryn as they travel to Fiji for their National Youth Convention.
  • More donors to contribute to our base as we grow. We are in need of $150,000 in extra money this year.
  • Continued open doors with districts, youth ministries, and churches to campaign for missions.
  • For a new Missions Director and new Marketing team members to join Global Passion staff.