Common Questions

Ministry will vary based on the destination. One of Global Passion’s key goals is to provide a team for our missionary that will meet their needs. Ministry could include, but is not limited to, street outreach, door-to-door ministry, or camps. It could also include food distribution, dramas, children’s ministry, church services, prison ministry, orphanages and school assemblies. On some occasions, teams will participate in construction projects or medical clinics.

Teams stay at a variety of accommodations, depending on what is available in the country or city you are going to serve in. They include hotels, hostels, churches, dormitories or guest houses. Some trips are more rugged than others. We will let you know in advance if you need to bring bedding or towels.

By and large, the food available in the countries we travel is not strange or too unusual. Our teams often eat rice and beans, chicken, pork and fruit. Three meals a day is provided in your trip cost. You are welcome to bring snacks. Any allergies will be accounted for and alternatives offered to the best of our abilities.

Advertised prices include all land costs:

  1. Three meals a day (Travel days not included)
  2. Lodging
  3. All transportation in country
  4. Comprehensive insurance policy for each participant (International trips only)
  5. Global Passion team leader to accompany your group
  6. Training materials
  7. Fundraising resources
  8. Translators and guides
  9. Entrance and exit fees, if any
  10. Visas, if applicable
  11. Travel resources and advice
  12. Assistance of an experienced outreach coordinator

*We also can arrange your airfare, which will be included in the trip cost on a trip-by-trip basis. Airfare is subject to change until paid in full.

Global Passion asks that all customized teams be at least 15 people. However, some destinations have max team sizes. Please check with your outreach coordinator on if a max team size applies to your trip.

A trip’s cost is connected with a team size because some costs are fixed and distributed on a per person basis. Because of this, if a team size falls below 10 people, we will have to reevaluate your per person land cost.

– Any souvenirs and site-seeing expenses;

– Any extra food or drinks outside of the three meals a day;

– Tipping for help with personal luggage;

– Any fees associated with baggage.

– Cost of passport (if necessary)

We recommend applying for your passport at least six months before international travel. It typically takes six to eight weeks for you to receive your passport so it is best to allow plenty of time in case there are complications. For more information on obtaining a passport visit today.

Registered applicants are responsible for raising support, but Global Passion will supply a fundraising manual, sample fundraising letters and giving receipts for applicants.

Yes! We encourage all our applicants to raise funds through friends and family. Global Passion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations given on your behalf are tax-deductible.

Yes, but only for international trips. Global Passion purchases travel insurance for all team members, and this cost is included in each team member’s total trip cost.

Global Passion advises all travelers to read the U.S. Department of State’s background notes on its website Travelers can also check the latest health information with the U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention at for the most recent health advisories, immunization recommendation/requirements, and advice on food and drinking water safety for regions and countries. We also suggest that all participants consult their physician before traveling internationally.

We provide a packing list and dress code about 120 days before each trip. The dress code is based on the requests of the missionaries of what is appropriate in the culture you are going to serve in. We don’t want our dress to interfere with our ministry. In general, the dress code in foreign countries is more conservative than you may be used to.

While there is risk to any travel, we have found that travel is not as scary and dangerous as people may perceive. To be safe, we as an organization take many precautions to reduce any risks. We stay in communication with missionaries and contacts on the ground prior to the trip. If there is any reason it wouldn’t be safe to travel in the host country, we would divert the team. We send a Global Passion leader with all of our teams who is trained in safety and will assure the necessary precautions are taken. We ask that all team members never leave the group. Every team member has international travel insurance, which includes coverage to transport a team member to a hospital, if that were necessary. We advise teams to report their travel to the department of state. Our missionaries know where the closest embassies and hospitals are to where our teams will be staying.

All individuals traveling alone should have at least finished their first year of high school. If you have a parent or other guardian with you, you can be any age.

If you are part of a team, the age requirement is at the team leader’s discretion.

You will receive a detailed packing list from your outreach coordinator that includes what is appropriate for your destination.