“Lord my God, I cried for help. And you healed me.” Psalm 30:2

A few months back, I hyperextended my knee. It left me in a lot of pain and a lot of limping.

As the days went by the pain only got more intense and was almost unbearable at times. I was just living with it and going about my life. On the evening of August 6th, my friend noticed how much pain I was in and asked if he could pray for my knee. I said yes. As soon as he put his hand on my knee and began to pray, I felt extreme heat throughout my knee. Once the prayer ended he asked me how I felt. He asked me to get up and walk. There was no pain. I wasn’t even limping anymore.

The power of God met us in that moment and I was healed. There is still stiffness and it’s popping but the pain is completely gone.

We serve an amazing God who is willing to meet our needs when we ask. What do you need to ask Him for today?

In Christ,