Stories from the Field

Alex was our team’s local contact on their trip to Kotzebue in June. When asked by our trip leader how he ended up in Alaska, the following story unfolded:
In 2013, his youth pastor asked Alex to join their missions trip to Alaska, but Alex was planning to join the Navy and said no. His youth pastor kept pushing him, not wanting to take no for an answer. Finally, through a season of testing, Alex was worn down to saying yes.
Once in Alaska, he didn’t get along well with another pastor on the trip, they seemed to clash at every turn and the week seemed hopeless before it even began. As the week progressed, Alex heard the Lord speaking to him about giving his next summer as an intern in Kotzebue. Alex struggled with saying yes, again, but finally decided to give up the summer of 2014 to serve with the same pastor. God changed his heart through missions and gave him a passion for the people of Kotzebue.
When the summer of serving came to a close, Alex knew God was calling him to serve full time in Kotzebue. He surrendered totally to God’s will and stepped into serving in Kotzebue, even though the girl he was wanting to marry, Sonia, said no to a life of full-time ministry. Alex continued to pursue God’s plan, and eventually Sonia stepped into the call. The day after their wedding, they moved to Alaska together.
Alex and Sonia now lead worship and children’s ministry with Kotzebue Assembly of God. Though he started as a reluctant participant on a mission trip, it led to a life-changing call of God.
People like Alex are why we continue to put young people on airplanes, go into the remote places tourists never see, and let God work on hearts. Partner with us to help more people like Alex find the calling of God on their lives.

Prayer Requests

  • We need $25,000 in new donations by October. Pray for new donors to rise to the surface and for current donors to feel drawn by God to give more.
  • Teams who have returned from their June trips (Alaska and Mexico). Pray for God to continue to stir in them what was begun on the field.
  • Teams currently on the field (Fiji). Pray for God to give them strength as they continue to press into what He has in store for them.
  • Teams preparing to leave (Panama, Houston, El Salvador and Colombia). Pray for their hearts to be ready to share with whomever God puts in front of them.