Places Tourists Never See in 2019

Each year, our trips to the places tourists never see are filled with pleasant surprises as we answer the call to go. In 2019, through our partnership with Alaska Outreach to see 100 remote villages come to know Jesus, we will be heading to Point Hope. Pastor U.L. Johnson, along with his family, serve in the tiny village of 700 people. They have been asking teams for four years to partner with them, Global Passion is the first to say yes. Pastor Johnson was so moved when he heard our answer, he couldn’t speak through the tears.
This is why we say yes. Point Hope is just the next in a long line of places tourists never see, places hope is absent and prayers are loud.
To find out more places we are going in 2019, and to sign-up, click the “GO” link below.

Prayer Requests

  • Teams and individuals as they sign-up to GO in 2019.
  • $150,000 in 2019 through new partners.
  • Need for new staff members: two Outreach Coordinators and a Bookkeeper.
  • 2019 National Trips: Fiji, Panama, Orlando, and Alaska.