Podcast Recommendation from Marissa Deraya

I started podcasting (that’s a real word don’t question me) about two years ago during my 45-minute commute to Sonoma State University. But I have stayed a podcast listener for the hilarious and thoughtful personalities I have met along the way.

My favorite these days is a speaker, author, and professional podcaster from Nashville named Annie F. Downs with the That Sounds Fun Podcast. Annie colors her podcast with whimsy and depth, glitter and tears. On her bi-weekly podcast, she gives a full hour interview with A) someone who is real life friend or B) someone who she is a MEGA big fan of and wants to be friends with. Her podcast reminds me more of eavesdropping on two good friends at the table next to mine at a local coffee shop.

If you are new to the That Sounds Fun Podcast, here is where you should start.

There are a total of 4 different episodes with Eddie Kaufholz and all are gold. Three of the four Eddie episodes are featured as the Christmas Party at the end of each year. Eddie and Annie are dear friends who cover a random assortment of unplanned topics from sandal etiquette to what it means to be he-qual/she-qual. I will basically go to any pod featuring Eddie for a good nonsensical laugh and you should too!

On the other side of the spectrum in terms of seriousness, I would turn to Annie’s interview with pastor John-mark Comer on Sabbath. This teaching changed how I viewed the commandment entirely. John-mark outlines the biblical importance of keeping the Sabbath in such a clear and educating way. I think this topic is extremely important for me but also our society. We have been taught that the busier you are the more productive/successful you will be. But instead, we see people running to escapism or living in a pattern of busy until burn out.

I have randomly scrolled Annie’s podcast of the past 4 years and rarely do I find one where I am not later Insta-stalking that person to learn more about them. She has quality people on and she creates quality conversations. I hope you have as much fun as I do with thew That Sounds Fun Podcast!