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The Global Passion Leadership Excursion is a trip designed specifically for youth pastors and leaders. Each year Global Passion partners with dynamic missionaries to provide a special leadership excursion for leaders like you. This is an incredible opportunity to serve alongside other leaders and experience a Global Passion trip first hand. Each leadership excursion is focused on developing ministry leaders abroad through practical training and a hands on ministry experience. You will have the opportunity to train local leaders in their area of ministry and serve alongside our missionary partner in the work they do. Check out this video from a previous leadership excursion.


In the heart of Central America lies El Salvador, a small country rich in exotic and world-renowned beaches, lush rainforests and a vibrant culture. Behind this picturesque facade, however, lies a harsh reality of third-world poverty and government corruption. A twelve-year violent civil war left the country in shambles more than a decade ago, but the population still suffers from the aftermath. As a consequence, many El Salvadorans were left orphaned, widowed or trapped in harmful societal consequences. Although El Salvador is slowly beginning to recover, a feeling of fear and desperation is common among its people.


February 28 - March 6, 2018


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In the early 1960s, a man named John Bueno became a missionary to El Salvador. Through years of war, persecution and hardship, he helped establish Latin American Child Care, which began providing education and Christian values to children living in the Salvadoran slums. Today, Bob Bueno, son of John Bueno, is carrying out his father's legacy in El Salvador. A willing team would partner with Bob Bueno and his staff to serve those living in extreme poverty through school assemblies, orphanage visits and church services. If God is stirring Latin America in your heart, ministry in El Salvador gives an opportunity to bring hope to a people living in despair.

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