July 30 - August 3, 2018

$250* per person

*Price does not include travel to or from Houston, lodging, and in city transportation. Price is subject to change. See full terms & conditions for more information.


Houston is located in south eastern Texas. With more than 2 million residents, Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas as well as the fourth most populous in the entire country.

Houston is a diverse city with a large international community. It is estimated that over 1 million of its residents were born outside of the United States.

Houston brings in visitors and travelers through their arts, business, professional sports and food.


We plan to do more than keep students busy for four days and to burden our already busy leaders with more to do. Our desire during the 2018 AIM trip to Houston is to equip churches and students with hands-on training and an experience that will lead them to reaching THEIR community for Christ.

We will be working with the local churches in Houston to create a cross-cultural ministry experience for you and your students. We are striving to see two outcomes by the end of this week. First, we plan to equip students in a practical way that can be replicated in their own communities. Second, we plan to connect the people of Houston to the local Assemblies of God churches in the area. We hope that in the weeks to come, both the churches in Houston and the churches that send students will see new faces walk into the doors of their church.

During the week, every student, parent, and leader on the trip will be engaged in an interactive experience the will inspire them to reach beyond themselves, break through their comfort zones and do more than they thought possible. In addition, each person will receive training that will stretch their thinking to realize the potential of putting their time, talent, and energy into the Lord’s hands.